Don’t just take our word for it

Everyone likes to blow their own trumpet, but what really speaks volumes is what other people think. We’re proud that in our recent survey 100% of our tenants rated our service as good or excellent.


Tenant at 11 Lyndhurst Road 2018

“Just wanted to say thank you…I have been renting from student landlords for 4 years now and you guys at Fresh have been by far the fairest and most pleasant landlords that any of us in the house have rented from.  I have told my friends who are still in Bath to try to get houses with you if they can.”


Tenant at 30 Herbert Road 2018

“Thanks for being such great landlords, you’ve all been brilliant!”


Tenant at 46 Triangle West 2018

“Fresh Student Housing has been the best letting company I’ve experienced.  The team are incredibly helpful, supportive and friendly.  Any issues were dealt with as soon as reported.  I wouldn’t hesitate to rent from Fresh again.”


Tenant at 22 Victoria Road 2017

“Really impressed with Fresh Student Housing!  The property was clean, tidy and had obviously been well looked after.  Any maintenance issues were dealt with very quickly.  Lara and Anna were friendly, always happy to help and maintained steady communication with us throughout the year.  Would highly recommend!”


Tenant at 10 Lymore Terrace 2017

“We all agree that we would definitely recommend Fresh Student Housing.  They provided excellent customer service, were efficient in responding and always reasonable with any issues we encountered.  We would without doubt rent from them again!”


Tenant at 22 Victoria Road 2015 and 53a Moorland Road 2016 & 2017

“We have let 2 very nice properties from Fresh Student Housing and both times they have been responsive and helpful with regards to any and all maintenance issues.  We’ve enjoyed all the time we spent in these houses and were very sad to leave.”


Tenant at 21 Lymore Avenue 2017

“Fresh Student Housing is really friendly and straightforward, making finding and renting a house easy and stress free!”


Tenant at 11 Lyndhurst Road 2017

“I would like to thank you for making our time in the house so easy and comfortable.  You were always quick to respond to any help we needed and, above all, you are genuinely very kind people.  We will surely be back and will be recommending Fresh Student Housing to our friends.”


Tenant at St Mary's Buildings 2017

“Thanks again for all your help.  It’s been amazing and I have recommended you to my sister’s friends.”


Tenant at 69 Triangle North 2017

“Fresh Student Housing has been the best letting company that I have used during my time in Bath. They are fair, reliable and provide a top quality service for student housing which you will find nowhere else.  Thanks for a great year of living!”


Tenant at 42 Beckhampton Road 2016

“I just wanted to say thanks for the past year.  You have by far been the best letting agency we have used over our 4 years in Bath, and I imagine your hard work often goes unnoticed by many students.”


Tenant at 11 Cynthia Road 2016

“Fresh Student Housing are the best estate agents I have ever had, you always helped us quickly, with even the smallest problems.  I just wish you had houses all over the country and not just in Bath!”


Tenant at 10 Beckhampton Road 2015 & 2016

“I rented with Fresh Student Housing for 2 years because they are reliable, more than fair in their assessment of deposits and returned them quickly.  They are always happy to answer questions and resolved any issues we had in the house within 24 hours.  I would highly recommend renting through them as they are excellent landlords.”


Tenant at 50 Beckhampton Road 2016

“I rented with Fresh for both my second and final year at Bath.  I could not have been happier with the quality of their housing and friendliness of the agency.  Their properties are furnished to a very high standard, and any problems (if any!) are dealt with as quickly and smoothly as possible.  I thank them for their dedication to providing a fantastic tenancy, and I highly recommend Fresh to any student looking to rent in Bath!.”


Tenant at 228 Newbridge Road 2016

“Lovely house, friendly landlord and very efficient agents.  Fresh Student Housing was willing to go the extra mile for any problems we had.  A superior service that I hope to use again and will definitely be recommending.”


Tenant at 58 Triangle North 2016

“I’d just like to say a huge thank you for all your support and help this year whilst we’ve been at Triangle North.  We’ve had a great experience working with Anna & Lara at Freshlets!  They’ve been so friendly & helpful all year which has made life a lot easier than previous properties we’ve rented in Bath whilst at Uni.  We will definitely be recommending you to others!!”


Tenant at 11 Lyndhurst Road 2015 & 2016

“When we are at University and working, it’s calming to know that no matter what happens during our tenancy, it will be remedied as quickly as possible, making the stay we had at your property and our university experience more enjoyable.”


Tenant at 38 Rockliffe Road 2015 & 2016

“Fresh Student Housing has been an excellent company providing a fully equipped and well furnished house.  There has never been any problem with contacting them and they are always very eager to put things right.  Anna, Mark, Lara & Neil have been Brill!! Thank you.”


Tenant at 69 Triangle North 2016

“Fresh Student Housing are a league above other student letting agents that I have used, especially in terms of customer experience.  They solved any problems we had very quickly and were always happy to help.”


Tenant at 46 Triangle West 2016

“Fresh Student Housing are the best letting agents I’ve rented from as a student in Bath.  They were great at replying whenever we contacted them to let them know about any problems, and we never had to wait long for a visit if something required fixing.  The house itself was much nicer that many of the student houses in Bath, and before we moved in it had clearly been checked very well to ensure it was clean and nothing was broken.  I would definitely recommend FSH to other students in Bath!.”


Tenant at 5 Lower Oldfield Park 2016

“Thanks go to Freshlets for two years of reliable, high-quality service, always responding quickly and helpfully, going the extra mile to improve the student living experience, from upgrading the internet to providing advice on avoiding damp…. Both houses were fantastic, well-furnished and well-maintained, we were reluctant to move out… Definitely doesn’t get much better than this!.”


Tenant at 228 Newbridge Road 2015

“When Fresh advertised themselves as the alternative to small houses and bad landlords, I was sceptical. However I remain thoroughly impressed. The house was spacious and stunning and maintained to a high standard. But it was more than the property…they responded to the few issues we had within hours and always at our convenience. They went above and beyond, even upgrading the free internet when we said it was too slow. I would absolutely recommend Fresh for both their properties and team. They lived up to their promises and more, and have returned our deposits in full. Thank you for a great tenancy!”


Tenant at St Mary's Buildings 2015

“By far the most supportive and friendly letting agents I’ve used in all my time at University.”


Tenant at 7 Shaftesbury Avenue 2014 & 2015

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for being wonderful landlords over such an enjoyable 2 years! We all really appreciate everything you have done for us and making our tenancy so stress free! I hope the next tenants of 7 Shaftesbury Avenue enjoy it as much as we did!”


Tenant at 69 Triangle North 2015

“Excellent service! The house was well furnished and maintained throughout, and the Freshlets team were very friendly and quick to help with any queries.


Tenant at 22 Victoria Road 2015

“Renting from Fresh has been great! The house itself was really nice and we were provided with much nicer furnishings than from other agents. If anything concerned us the staff at Fresh were always available to help. It’s been a really good experience.”


Tenant at 11 Cynthia Road 2015

“We absolutely loved the house so really wanted to make sure we took extra care of it and were so sad to leave!”


Tenant at 5 Lower Oldfield Park 2013 & 66 St Kilda's Road 2014

“We rented with Fresh for both 2nd year and final year of University. I can’t say enough good things about the company. First off, the houses are all lovely, and far better furnished than all others we viewed. Both we had were in great locations. On the rare occasion that anything went wrong in the house, help was sent within 24 hours. Loved the houses, loved the service – would recommend Fresh Student Housing to anyone moving to Bath.


Tenant at 228 Newbridge Road 2014

“I rented with Fresh in my second year at University, a nine-bedroom house, and we all loved it. It had a very clean, modern feel to it, and if we ever had any problems they didn’t last very long! Fresh are the perfect landlords when getting back to you and dealing with any issues you have. I always recommend them to friends who are thinking of renting in Bath.


Tenant at St Mary's Buildings 2014

“Renting our lovely property with Fresh Student Housing has been such a smooth and convenient process. They’re very easy to communicate with and respond to any questions or issues raised straightaway. They take much pride in their properties, which are maintained and looked after to the highest degree. You couldn’t ask for more dedicated agents/landlords.”


Tenant at 58 Triangle North 2014

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the last couple of years. You have been absolutely fantastic Landlords, always willing to discuss issues with us, quickly resolving any problems with the house and you have been incredibly honest with us too (something that we have discovered not many other landlords/agencies have been). So a huge thank you to you. It is a really lovely house and we are already missing it.


Tenant at 38 Rockliffe Road 2014

“I found renting from Fresh Student Housing was made easy as they provide a friendly and professional service. The staff were quick to help with any unexpected maintenance that cropped up. I would highly recommend Fresh Student Housing to anyone who wants a lovely place to live and have landlords that will respect them.


Tenant at 228 Newbridge Road 2013 & 17 Dartmouth Avenue 2014

“We’ve really enjoyed living in your houses for the past two years, so thank you for being great landlords!”


Tenant at 35 Bathwick Street 2014

“Thanks very much for all your help throughout the year! We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to any other Bath students as we had a great experience renting our house.”


Tenant at 46 Triangle West 2014

“Thanks for getting our deposits back to us so promptly – and in general for acting so professionally throughout our time in your property.”


Tenant at 29 Crandale Road 2013 & 7 Charlton Buildings 2014

“Thank you for being such a fantastic landlord these past two years. I loved the properties and I’ve already recommended Fresh Student Housing to a few people moving to Bath this September.”


Tenant at 228 Newbridge Road 2014

“The house this year was great, thank you for letting us have it! I’m abroad on placement next year but will be back for my fourth year and will hopefully rent from you again.”


Tenant at 228 Newbridge Road 2013 & 17 Dartmouth Avenue 2014

“Just to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for us over the past 2 years at Newbridge Road and Dartmouth Avenue. The properties were incredible, well kept, organised and maintained thanks to you, and helped shape our University experience. We hope to return to Bath soon and know where to go for accommodation!”

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